The Dangers Of Social Network

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Social network is an important invention in the world. Also, it is necessary for human’s daily life. The social network improve the people’s relationship, make people closer with their friends or family. There are more than millions of user using social network per day, and browsing the websites. For example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram (Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites 2014). They are the most popular social networking sites in 2014. The users can share their life style, type some comments to others, or make new friends. It should be a wonderful way for communication if people use the social network correctly. The purpose of this essay is explain the dangers of social network. Also, we will discuss this topic from hegemony, power, capitalism and resistance. The social networking sites can be the best advertising for the companies. The companies give the money to the social networking site’s company, then the social networking site will public the advertising (Catalano, C 2010). Every users can watch, some of them might interested the products. Finally, the brands can be achieve their purpose of sales. But there are too many brands around the world (Catalano, C 2010). Every brands want to make an advertising in the social networking sites. Too much advertising are an obsession for the social network users. The users might get the advertising emails every day and the online advertising might be an automatic video in the webpage. In fact,

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