The Dangers Of Space And Space Travel

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In the year 2025, the United States is prepared to finally send humans to Mars. The spacecraft, named Oasis, carries with it human passengers and the means to set up a potential colony. Years of research have identified many threats that the colonists will have to face on their journey, as well as efficient ways to neutralize them. However, as is often the case with voyages such as this, not everything goes according to plan. The passengers must rely on their quick wits, as well as knowledge of the effects of microgravity on the human body and the potential dangers of space radiation to survive the journey. However, another threat looms. Even if the astronauts can survive the dangers of the cosmos, can they deal with the psychological threat of being trapped in space?

One of the ultimate goals of space research and space travel is to put human beings into space, be it for deep space research, recreation, or colonization. As we develop new technology and plot a course of action to progress towards this goal, one of the factors that cannot be ignored is how the human body reacts when in space for a long time. Both speculative projections from experienced scientists and actual research done by NASA suggests that the situation is a lot more complicated then just sending people into orbit with enough food and water to keep them alive. The human body developed on earth, and is very fragile when put into the hostile environment of outer space. There are a number of prominent
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