The Dangers Of Space Travel

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Shawn Lee
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The Dangers of Space Travel

Science Fiction Synopsis
The earth’s governments have determined that extraterrestrial colonization is an urgent priority for the successful continuation of the human race. In order to advance this agenda, they conceive Project Eden, a program to send a group of people to build an independent civilization on the extraterrestrial planet. Eve-278B is one of the 10,000 test subjects in Project Eden. Upon her birth, she was selected and taken away to a facility completely isolated from the rest of society, where she and the other project subjects have been raised, educated, and trained for the sole purpose of preparing them for a life outside of earth. This training includes preparing
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However, it is extremely difficult to send a human being into space. The space shuttle, which ferried astronauts from earth to the International Space Station cost, on average, $1.5 billion dollars for each of the 135 launches (Pielke Jr. 2007). Furthermore, the space shuttle had an operational altitude of less than 600 miles, with the typical flight only reaching altitudes of around 250 miles (Jenkins 2006); for missions beyond the International Space Station, the distance several orders of magnitude greater. On average, it is 238,900 miles to reach the moon, and 140 million miles to reach Mars ( The sheer amount of resources required to send a person into space makes it exceptionally difficult and costly to do so. Consequently, it becomes critical that the astronauts ' well-being is accounted for when being sent on long term missions, both from an ethical and financial perspective. This paper will address some of the hazards and health concerns that arise due to long term space travel for human beings.

Zero Gravity Environments
About 50% of astronauts experience mild to severe motion sickness upon entering space; this condition is referred as Space Adaptation Syndrome. Though it was initially thought of as a result of weightlessness, studies done by the Delft University of Technology suggest that the transition between different gravitational forces cause SAS (Nooij 2008). The symptoms are comparable to
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