The Dangers Of Teenage Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is classified as a chronic illness, an addiction that affects the physical condition of a person as well as the mental. With one in every twelve adults living with alcohol abuse, it is a possibility that the children of these people will grow up and follow their parents. In this pattern there is a never ending cycle of alcohol abuse and dependence that has resulted in alcohol being ranked as the third leading cause of behavior related deaths in America (Facts About Alcohol. 2015, July). There is a higher risk for teenagers who consume alcohol because their brains are not fully developed. The alcohol that they drink suppresses the brain and causes deterioration in memory and learning (Impact of alcohol on the developing brain. 2014). In this paper I will examine the source and reason behind teenage alcoholism and determine the effects the destructive drug of alcohol has on teenagers in different aspects of their lives. Alcohol is a substance that when consumed at an excessive rate can be dangerous. However one drink a day for women and two men is considered normal, balanced, and neutral. People are drinking excessively, despite the guidelines for alcohol use. Over six million children live with a parent who goes over the suggested amount of alcohol (Children of Alcoholics 1990, July). Research conducted has determined that children raised in homes with an alcoholic parent test lower in math, reading, and verbal. Of children who grew up in homes with an
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