The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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Imagine being at an intersection, and just when you think no one is there you proceed to step on the gas, and you get text from your friend saying “ Where you at bro?” thinking since it’s your friend you look down at your phone for a split second, but then you lose focus and let go of the wheel slightly and end up turning onto the other lane which put in a dangerous situation, luckily there wasn 't any cars coming. These are the type of disasters that texting while driving can cause. As a kid being able to drive is a point in our life that we can 't wait to reach. It feel like it’s a new chapter of freedom especially as teenager ranging from 16-18 years old. With the technology astronomically growing day by day our cell phones are becoming a huge distraction when driving. Drivers are putting themselves in hazardous danger, and not just them, but others surrounding them. Being able to drive could go from having a great time to a nightmare within a split of a second by looking down to a “What are you doing?”. Moreover, In the middle of this issue, texting and driving has risen to the point where where people don 't like to see it, but still allow it in their presence. After all of these years of texting, people should feel like as a country there should be a point where it is almost forbidden to do so. To think about It, I don 't think ever when purchasing a cell phone I had my wireless provider representative mention anything about the hazards of texting and driving. As I
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