The Dangers Of The California Drought

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Showering is glorious. Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm water rushing over them? The soothing, cathartic sound of the showerhead running full force is enough to put anyone into a coma. It’s the opiate of the masses-- a way to calm down, to wash up, to feel warm and protected in a room where oneself is not expected to interact with anyone else. However, if one lives in California, extensively long showers are treated like sneaking drugs in rehab: they’re forbidden, damaging to people around you and generally just a bad idea. Long showers in California are considered a forbidden fruit for one main reason: California has been in a drought for around four years (Nicholson), and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. According to, the drought covers 98% of the state and 44% of of California is labelled as “exceptional”-- the worst level of drought possible. Media coverage on all aspects of the California drought has been extensive, encompassing everything from the traditional news article to art shows documenting falling water levels around the state, which serve to keep the public informed and up-to-date on the latest drought news. Two pieces of writing that serve this purpose are Angela Fritz’s article for The Washington Post, “California drought endures as snowfall pack falls short of El Nino expectations,” and William Waterway’s poem on, “California drought is no dream.” Whereas The Washington Post article uses direct quotes from experts
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