The Dangers Of The Internet

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The internet is a world everyone lives in. Not to mention leading with adolescents to adult then elders. Adults and the elderly are able to survive without the irony of the internet. On the other hand the ones who seem to be mostly affected by it are teenagers (ages 13-19). Everywhere someone turns they will notice a teenager gazing into their phone or their laptop surfing the web. These teens are becoming more and more distracted by the internet than what could be happening in front of them. In fact, they are less reliant on their brain than they normally should be. Although, the internet has good use to it, the side effects are beginning to show throughout this younger generation. This age group is so wrapped up in the internet they begin to lack basic knowledge, sense of reality, and waste majority of their time on the internet. The lack of basic knowledge appears when this generation is away or off of the internet. Meaning everything teenagers knew or were able to do without the internet mentally, is slowly draining away. This is happening because they are not using their minds to the full extent in which they should be doing. For instance, writing an in-class essay for an English class has always challenging. Romeo acknowledges “The effect of ubiquitous spell check and AutoCorrect software is a revealing example” (par. 4). Meaning software like auto-correct makes teenagers no longer acknowledge when words are spelled incorrectly. As a result teenagers have to worry
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