The Dangers Of Tobacco And Alcohol Companies

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Tobacco and alcohol companies are more widespread than ever and are expanding their target age group in the process of them increasing profit margins for their specific company. Excessive alcohol consumption and the associated negative health effects are a major public health concern since past and more recent studies. “Almost 4% of all deaths worldwide are attributable to alcohol” (Graham 1). Also, more than half of people who are frequent smokers started prior to the legal smoking age of eighteen years old (Martino 2). A few years ago this underlying problem of smoking and drinking was not a main concern in the minds of the general public, but since the dawn of the health era these health concerns pose a daunting topic for health officials. The Marlboro girls, women representing beauty and class, not cancer and other diseases we models to the average person about how smoking can also make you this attractive. This was one of the greatest forms of marketing to younger population due to pretty girls and their actions. The times have changed from being able to smoke anywhere and everywhere to not being able to smoke in bars or restaurants and even taking ashtrays out of cars. There has been a drastic increase in the targeting of youth throughout the years as well. Since the beginning of selling products to consumers there have been different techniques to do so. The alcohol and tobacco companies have used and abused these marketing techniques for years. However, there is some
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