The Dangers Of Tobacco Smoking

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Throughout the world countries suffer from various illnesses. Many developed countries suffer from non-communicable diseases, often being the result of lifestyle choices whilst traditionally developing countries suffer from communicable diseases due to large proportions of their populations living in poverty. In recent decades all over the world non-communicable diseases have become more and more prominent not just in the high income countries but also in low and middle income countries. A major contributor to this is tobacco smoking (Valdes-Salgado, 2010).
Tobacco smoking is a deadly habit that is undertaken for various reasons. These include social pressures, stress and also as the result of growing up in a smoking environment. Education and government intervention have been found to be a key factors in reducing smoking within populations, however these are the areas that are lacking in developing countries, resulting in the increase of smokers. Many developing countries struggle to provide sufficient basic education to their population such as literacy and numeracy. Education based on the harmful effects of tobacco smoking are not the highest priority for these counties to teach. This results in lack of knowledge and a way for tobacco companies to take advantage of these people to sell their products.
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Tobacco smoking is a contributor to many diseases such as variety of cancers, lung disease and heart disease. Cigarettes contain
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