The Dangers Of Too Much Technology

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Issues exist within the models of learning due to the integration of technology replacing traditional teaching methods in addition to inappropriate execution of discipline through Zero-Tolerance Policies that could be resolved by the United States Department of Education because both issues have contributed to lower test scores, a reduced amount of human interactions in classrooms, an increase in drop-out, suspension, and expulsion rates all contributing to the degradation of the education system as we now know it. Classrooms have come a long way; the materials used to teach students have changed as well as the amount of human interaction that occurs in the classroom. In recent years, there has been a growth in technology within classrooms. Currently, technology has begun to dominate various teaching methods throughout the education system. “The dangers of too much technology in education” article authored by Cody Laplante talks about Khan Academy, a non-profit organization that provides schools with online video lectures and expounds on how video lectures are being adopted as a new means of teaching. In the article, Laplante mentions a blog created by Shantanu Sinha, Khan Academy’s President. Sinha’s blog gives details about a “Classroom model revolving around the use of these video lectures. The model has been in place for 2 years in all 5th to 8th grade classrooms in the Los Altos school district in California.” (Laplante). Laplante gives his reasoning for his
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