The Dangers Of Vaccinating Children From Viruses That Could Cause Birth Defects

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Mothers who are vaccinated are protecting their unborn children from viruses that could cause birth defects. Protecting future generations is vital in order to try and exterminate disease. The dangers of not vaccinating include exposing the individual child to disease, and also exposing other vulnerable people who may have compromised immune systems or not are eligible for vaccination. By receiving a vaccination you are limiting a future outbreak. Disease has been a problem for as long as mankind has been around. By making vaccinations mandatory for schools in every state we as a whole will be much healthier and less likely to get sick. 93% of children between the ages of 19-35 months have gotten the vaccine for Polio and the causes for that disease have decreased by 99%. In today’s world our medicine and science is getting much better. One of the first vaccines created was for smallpox. A man named Edward Jenner discovered that by taking the right amount of the live virus cowpox (vaccinia) and injecting it into his patients they did not catch smallpox. Like most things, the right dosage of a vaccine can prevent people from getting sick. The fact that vaccines have nearly gotten rid of some deadly diseases is a reason why getting vaccinated is important. With better education and information, people who choose not to vaccinate their children can be encouraged to consider vaccination, which will benefit both their families and society as a whole.
Vaccines are very

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