The Dangers Of Water Pollution

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Water Pollution isn’t going to be stopped by regulations, scientists are going to have to come up with ways to within the environment to stop it. In order to get rid of surface water pollution, scientists have come up with ways to reduce it. Recent research from the University of Sinaloa has found a plant that is used to get rid of some of the water pollution. Typha domingensis is reducing pollution from bacteria from mammals by “ninety-eight percent” (“Common Weed”). This weed is quite tall and can be found in either shallow or deep water. In a study, the plant found nearly several types of bacteria that was causing pollution in the water (“Common Weed”). This plant is just a start to stop water pollution or at least contain it. Scientists have come up with new systems that can remove water pollutants from fields. Laura Christianson is an expert in what kind of woodchips would react with the field pollutants (“New System”). The woodchips help get rid of the nitrate in fields. They woodchips can consume the nitrate which is then removed from the water. To get rid of the phosphorus, they created a system called a p-filter (“New System”). There are two different types of filters, acid mine drainage treatment residual and steel slag (“New System). The acid mine drainage also called MDR for short, removed roughly “eighty to ninety percent of phosphorus” (“New System”). The MDR filter is by far more productive in removing phosphorus compared to the steel slag. The steel slag is
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