The Dangers Of Youth Exposure At Risk Youth Of Cuyahoga County Essay

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• With great pride the concern of youth exposure to violence needs to be addressed. This strategic plan will identify at-risk youth who are severely troubled by their surrounding environments and make it a top priority to create services and housing for all at-risk youth of Cuyahoga County.
Defending Childhood, Cuyahoga County. November 5, 2016. Strategic Plan. Retrieved from:


2A History of the problem
• The exposure to risk factors increased the development of violence for young people. Risk facts increases the probability that a person will suffer harm (General 2001). Risk factors increase the likelihood of children exposure to violence. Risk factors vary on many levels. They are individual, family, social and community risk factors. Each work together to increase the exposure to violence.
• Overtime violence interrupted youth’s ability to focus, trust, communicate, believe and consider a future for themselves. Children who are exposed to high levels of risk factors are more violent than youths who are not exposed to such factors.
Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General. Rockville (MD): Office of the Surgeon General (US); 2001. Chapter 4 -- Risk Factors for Youth Violence. Available from: Injury Prevention & Control: Division of Violence Prevention. November 5, 2016. Youth

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