The Dangers of Alcoholism

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My topic that I research is Alcoholism. This is the number one addiction for people is the US. Most people start drinking because of peer pressure from friends and family. When your drink alcohol there’s a lot of long term effects to your body. You will get liver diseases, Cardiovascular diseases. Your brain cells will die and you will have reproductive problems. You have risk of getting different type of cancers such as mouth,throat and esophageal. If you get esophageal cancer it will make it very difficult to eat because this cancer affect your tube that allows food to go to stomach. There are a lot of popular games that you can play with alcohol. The most famous one and the one mostly played at parties is beer pong. This game is very simple the more ping pong balls you make in cups the more people have to drink this can get some one very drunk if he/she is playing against a skilled player. The other popular but not so played games are “flip cup”, “california kings”, “power hour”, “edward 40 hands”, “fubar” and “quarters.” But alcohol can get someone drunk by their weight. Since alcohol travels through the bloodstream. So if a person weighs a lot it will take more alcohol for them to get drunk. So if your skinny your chances of getting drunk faster is easier. Also women can get drunk faster than men. This is because of the body. A woman's body has more fat than males and women have less APH enzymes. There are also a lot of ways for a
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