The Dangers of Facial Recognition Technology

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Dangers of Facial Recognition Technology In the present contemporary era, facial recognition technologies are being installed by the companies in an extensive sense that surely reflects a continuum of growing hi-tech superiority and complexity. At the most ordinary level, facial detection is done by this technology which means that a photo is just detected and located for a face ("Facing Facts: Best Practices for Common Uses of Facial Recognition Technologies," 2012). The digital image of the face of a person can be matched against a record of other images by using face recognition software. In case that some of the images in the database go with the digitized image, the owner is reported about it by the system. Automatic face recognition has been studied and investigated extensively since 1990s and its usage is turning out to be no-nonsense in the present times. Although a number of automatic face recognition applications are relatively agreeable and harmless (access regulation to armaments, currency, illegal proof, nuclear equipment/supplies etc), there are still several dangers of face recognition systems that include violation of privacy and civil liberties, unrestrained exploitation, identity theft, illegal use of database, free access to personal data on social media etc. (Agre, 2001). Invasion of Privacy: The critics of FRS are mostly concerned by the privacy issues brought by it. The main reason behind this criticism is that the flow of information is being
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