The Dangers of Factory Farming

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Many individuals have seen or heard of the videos on the internet of various slaughterhouses across the country as well as the videos of factory farms and how their livestock are raised, along with Rachel Carson’s various books about the dangers of pesticides. Until the 1950’s, farming never used hormones to increase growth pace to achieve meatier animals. Factory farms and the mass production of animals have caused corporations to stop thinking about the quality of their foods, but the quantity and efficiency in which consumers receive it. Factory farm raised animals are produced to become our food and sold in stores, but they do not have to live in such poor, unhealthy conditions or live short lives full of pain. While factory farms are beneficial to the economy, ultimately they are harmful to the environment and the health of people and animals. Therefore we should find alternatives to factory farming. Because the United States has become all about mass production and making products as fast as possible, corporations are more concerned with quantity rather than quality. Animals are being injected with hormones to grow faster so they can be slaughtered, packaged and sold even sooner. Factory farms are lashing out at anyone trying to expose what actually happens behind these closed doors. Some states, like New Mexico, North Carolina, Wyoming, and Vermont are trying to pass laws that criminalize anyone who secretly videotapes what is happening behind closed doors.
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