The Dangers of Microwave Oven

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The America's most necessary appliance in their kithchen, who applaud their fastness in cooking reheating in now turning out to be a proven danger, the Microwave Ovens blindly believing it to be an another choice to conventional ovens. Today apparently toxic effects of cooking in microwave is becoming a member in the list of unnatural additive diets in our daily life. Currently there are 90% of houses in America using microwave ovens for their very second to cook, reheat food and bevarages. There are several reasons why you can throw away your microwave ovens. The issue with microwave ovens is with carcinogenic toxins which are harmful can leach out of the your containers made up of plastic and paper in to your food.The packing of various food like microwavable food, pizzaz chips and popcorns contain a numerous toxic chemicals including a chemical called polythlene terpthalate, benzene and xylene. Heating fatty foods in microwave causes the release of dioixins which are commonly called as carcinogens and other types toxins into the microwaved food. Additionally the contaminants called Bisphenol A which is a estrogenic compound is used in the preparation of plastics, whether they are specially made for microwaving purpose or not.Morevere microwaving any substance or food changes the molecular structure from its original strucutre. This is common phenomenon in blood products. Usually blood is warmed before transfusion into a person, when this warming is done in micraowave
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