The Dangers of Mining in the Philippines

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The Dangers of Mining Industry in the Philippines

A Term Paper
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Charissa L. Abingosa
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Maria Reziel E. Cortes
Jeff de Jesus

March 15, 2012
TOPIC OUTLINE I. Introduction II. Mining Industry in the Philippines A. Brief History of Mining in the Philippines B. Scales of Mining Operations 1. Specification of Large-scale Mining a. Definition of Large-scale Mining b. Condition of the Large-scale Mining Industry in the Philippines 2. Specification of Small-scale Mining
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Hence, seeing the industry’s productivity, it is convincing that Philippines during these times had operated an agreeable mining activity.
Considering the lucrative mining industry of the Philippines during 1900’s, despite its rich mineral deposits, the recent one is just a fraction of what it was before. The Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (2012) considered low metal prices, high production costs, and lack of investment in infrastructure contributed to the industry's overall decline. However, it can be seen that along the hasty evolution of technology comes the degrading quality of the Philippine’s Mining Industry.
There has been a speculation that mining industry in the Philippines in the year 2012 is on the verge of its biggest boom in history as according to Environment Secretary Ramon Paje, mining industry is forecast to grow 17 percent in the recent year, with the metals sector seen rising 24 percent. “As we allow you to mine, we cannot allow you to dirty the environment”, he added. Paje (2011) also clarified that the government has been cautious in issuing mining permits. However, the nature of mining in the recent generation is naturally destructive, being scrutinized because of the past harm done along with the change of its nature. This is specifically considered in large-scale mining operations because of the extractive nature of the operation. Therefore, even though the Philippine government is painstakingly cautious in issuing the mining permits,
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