The Dangers of Road Life

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People think teenagers are the only horrid drivers. What they don’t think about is that there’s an age group of drivers who are far worse than teenagers. Statistics show that people over the age of seventy cause more accidents and are in more accidents than teenage drivers. In 2008, more than 5,500 elders were killed in car accidents, and more than 183,00 were injured in car accidents(Older Adult Drivers). There are many reasons why elderly drivers are more likely to get into accidents that teenagers. Physical and mental changes are just some the causes of car accidents among elders. These include slowing down fast enough, the loss of clear vision and hearing, the loss of muscle strength and flexiblity, and drowsiness which cause…show more content…
Many elders have vision and hearing problems. It’s hard for them to see and hear clearly, while on the road is a dangerous thing. Many elders also have cataracts, macular degeneration and/or glaucoma. All of these diseases affect the eyes, making them cloudy and limiting the eye sight. Some elders also take medicine for depression or any other mental health problem. Taking some medication can cause the driver to become drowsy, making them a danger on the road. A good percentage of elders in the US are drivers, and many of these drivers have either Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, or have had a stroke. All of these diseases have an effect on the driver and the vehicle. People with Parkinson’s tend to shake a lot. A driver with Parkinson’s may have difficulty reacting fast enough to turn the wheel or stop when necessary. Diabetes can cause sleepiness or dizziness in the driver, it could also cause seizures. Strokes can affect either one side of the body, or the whole body. Stroke makes the drivers to impaired to drive motor vehicles, but some elders still drive after having a stroke. Alzheimer’s cause just about complete mind loss. Having this while driving could cause them to get lost, not remember where they live or where they’re going(“Old Adult”). There are still many accounts of elders hitting and killing pedestrians or people in motor vehicles. A vote was taken on Debate. org asking if people believed elders should have to retake the driving test or
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