The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco Essay

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Using smokeless tobacco does not require inhaling smoke into the lungs, so therefore it is completely safer than smoking cigarette, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, “smokeless” and “harmless” are not interchangeable terms; as a matter of fact, there is absolutely no such thing as smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco products come in many different shapes and forms, such as dip, chew, and snuff. These types of products allow users to get a kick of nicotine without having to inhale the smoke of cigarettes, so it is not surprising why they’re so popular. Most users are unaware of it, but these products can be just as unsafe, if not even more dangerous, than cigarettes in an abundance of ways. This misunderstanding causes many
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“Sugar is added to enhance the flavor of smokeless tobacco, increasing the risk for tooth decay” (“It May Be Smokeless” 2). The sugar found in smokeless tobacco chemically reacts with the bacteria naturally found on teeth, causing them to slowly decay. Other very common traits that smokeless tobacco users have are bad breath, tooth discoloration, and sensitive teeth; all of these effects are very common in abusive users and can be permanent if not cared for.
Also, the main reason these smokeless tobacco products are so dangerous is because of the all the hazardous chemicals found inside them, such as nicotine. Nicotine is a chemical found in all tobacco products that has many health effects on the human body. The difference between cigarette users, who inhale nicotine-containing smoke into the lungs, and smokeless users is that they absorb the chemicals through their oral cavities, getting nicotine to eventually travel into their bloodstreams. (Julie 1). As a matter of fact, “users [of smokeless tobacco] generally absorb more nicotine from smokeless tobacco products than from cigarettes” (Julie 2). If more people were aware of this fact, they would definitely think twice before chewing/dipping again. When individuals buy any smokeless tobacco product on the market, they are also unknowingly purchasing the many deadly chemicals that come with it. Furthermore, smokeless tobacco products are critically harmful
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