The Dangers of a Conscious Mind 1984 by George Orwell Essay

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In society today, the horrific truth is that numerous people are hungry for power, and desire to be in a position that is exceedingly high above the rest. This is the general ideology of the Party, the supreme and ruling government in the legendary narrative 1984, written by George Orwell. 1984 is a dystopian, science fiction novel that is set during the year 1984 in the superstate of Oceania. In a malevolent world of continuous warfare, relentless government scrutiny, and constant human manipulation, the story revolves around a man named Winston Smith, a citizen of Oceania who lives in Airstrip One, a futuristic and dystopian Great Britain. Winston sees the tyrannical reign that the Party has over Oceania, mostly because of the lies that he helps feed the people, through his job of altering and “fixing” past records at the Ministry of Truth. In the novel, Winston grows tired of the Party’s dictatorship, and dreams of a revolution that will overthrow the government that he covertly detests. 1984 is an illustrious tale that has remained a relevant read to everyone, because of the excellent and eye-opening ideas found beneath its context. Orwell’s use of the theme of manipulation, universal role of characters, and impressive symbolism covers how this book is truly a classic piece of literature.
The theme of manipulation in 1984 plays an important role throughout the novel in order to convey the narrative, and ultimately proves why it is a great and relevant work of literature.…