The Dangers of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The pharmaceutical industry is powerful and large. Their influence is heavily felt by a populace that is under constant attack from threats to their health. The purpose of this essay is to investigate the controversial issue revolving around the role of pharmaceutical sales representatives and their relationship to the overall well-being of the customers they seek to persuade. I will examine this issue by discussing reported facts about these representatives behavior and how they fit in the larger picture of health and medicine in general. Pharmaceutical drugs are very dangerous. Their use or misuse has reached epidemic proportions within America and many are oblivious to this fact. Girion et al. (2011) explained that " public health experts have used the comparison to draw attention to the nation's growing prescription drug problem, which they characterize as an epidemic. This is the first time that drugs have accounted for more fatalities than traffic accidents since the government started tracking drug-induced deaths in 1979." These drugs kill many more people than fire arms and other violent acts. Pharmaceutical reps are more dangerous in some aspects than street corner drug peddlers as these certain painkiller drugs cause more death than heroin and cocaine combined. It is safe to classify pharmaceutical reps as drug dealers who are interested in the for-profit game of health and medicine. Grande (2012) discussed that self-regulation of these representatives is not
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