The Danish Girl Sparknotes

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The Danish Girl Nobody lives a perfect life, no matter who you are, how wealthy you are, or how great your life may seem. Everyone experiences their own struggles, significant or small. In the movie “The Danish Girl” struggle, pain, and growth are three of the most important factors. Through the story, Gerda shows extreme bravery by staying with Einar/Lili and supporting Einar while he was trying to discover himself. However, Einar/Lili was the braver character throughout the story because he/she dealt with the struggle of not knowing his true identity. Also, he/she was able to come out as his true self to such a disapproving world; proving Einar is the strongest character. Imagine living your whole life confused and lost. Einar…show more content…
In 2017 people are starting to accept everyone for who they are and who they are supposed to be. Even a few years ago being gay/trans/lesbian was taboo. In 1930 when “The Danish Girl” was set, to be gay/trans/lesbian meant you were insane and needed to be put in an insanity hospital. In the scene when Gerda wants Einar to receive help from a doctor, they go to many different people and doctor after doctor, they all said Einar is insane. Einar has officially come out as Lili and no longer wants to go by Einar. Although Lili is happy she is finally being noticed as a woman, she realizes what will make her extremely happy: A straight man, who looks at her as a normal woman. In the scene when Lili goes to Heinrichs home and they are close to having sex, Lili freaks out because Heinrich knows Lili is actually Einar. Lili storms out of Heinrich and begins crying because she knows Heinrich is a gay man, and he was going after Lili because he knows the truth about her. Lili wants a man who wants her as a woman and anything other than that is not enough for Lili. She is so determine to become Lili, in this time period it took Einar/Lili extreme courage and bravery to make this
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