Essay on The Dark Ages Notes

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4 Bethany Brady Name ________________________________ Hour _____ The Dark Ages 94 Min Part I Sacking of Rome 1. What happens on August 24, 410 AD? - The Roman Empire Falls. 2. Why did the Visigoths attack Rome? Power Money 3. TRUE FALSE* ** Desperation/Food Allerak's attacks were the only reason Rome fell. 4. The Romans hired foreign soldiers to help protect their borders. What term describes such a soldier? Legion *** Visigoth Mercenary 5. The next 7 centuries, spanning from the fall of Rome to the first Crusade, would be an age of widespread violence, i______________, disease, and s_____________. A time when urban lliteracy uperstition populations throughout the continent would decline and life…show more content…
33. Reading and writing were done by ________________, not kings. Monks 34. How long did Charlemagne rule as emperor of the west? - 3 decades Part VII The Vikings 35. To the Vikings, what were the banks waiting to be robbed? -Like the one at Linisfarne the monasteries to the south look more and like banks waiting to be robbed. 36. What happened to a most of the money of Europe under the Vikings? - Stolen, raided orth celand 37. The Vikings terrorized as far as I______________, the Middle East, and even N______ reat merica ritian A__________. Their favorite target was their very first: G___________ B___________________. 38. What was one theory how Ivar the Boneless got his name? - He had no cartilage in his legs and had no bones . 39. Why did Ivar want to attack York? - His arch enemy lived in New York. This enemy killed Ivan's Father. Ivan wanted revenge. 40. TRUE FALSE* The bloody eagle actually used an eagle for torture. 41. What did Alfred the Great build to defend against the Vikings? - Fortresses Part VIII Knights and The Crusades 42. What was a knight's primary purpose? -Beat people up and the owner of the castle would send knights on peaseants and take property 43. Local lords become the principal source of authority. This sets up the institution of European _________. (Not in video). Authority clothes, blood and bones 44. Knights were threatened by _____________ of the saints. 45. Now with the Viking threat a
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