The Dark Ages Of Europe

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The Dark Ages of Europe is one of the most known horrible times recorded in human history. When Rome finally crumbled it was a devastating time, it lead to the worst time period that Europe has ever seen; full of disease and poverty. It started in 410 A.D and ended in 1200 A.D. During this time people would rather die a horrible death than to actually live through this time. Terrifying Vikings tore through the continent along with cruel Knights. Barbarians ravaged through what was first the amazing Rome and shoved it on its knees. People lived in huts and worst of all, the worst enemy of them all was the pandemic The Black Death. We’ll tour you through what 's it was like during ….. The Dark Ages.
At the beginning of this time period, before the decline, Rome was the mother of the world. It is the largest recorded empire ever known and was one of the wonders of the world. It was the center of trade and was the protector of Europe. The fall of this miraculous empire was the very beginning of the dark ages. Without Rome 's protection, that meant that western Europe was defenseless against others. Eastern Europe still had rulers Justinian and Theodora, but they weren’t much help to the beginning of the fall of Europe. Without Rome 's trade, they didn 't have any money or supplies. The fall of Rome’s main center lead to the beginning of the Dark Ages.
During the Dark Ages, the people of Europe became more savage and greedy then they were before, with stealing, killing, and whole
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