The Dark Ages : The Fall Of The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages was from the 5th to the 15th century. The Middle Ages was the time period between the decline of the Western Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Many scholars call the era the medieval period or the Dark Ages instead of the Middle Ages. During these times, the Great Schism occurred and the empire split into two, the Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire. These two empires became known as the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. The Roman Empire officially collapsed because of budgeting, Christianity, and barrack warriors. Everyone that lived during the Dark Ages did not have a terrible life, there were many exceptions. Some people had it better than others. The Middle Ages should not be called the Dark Ages because not everyone was suffering. In document 1, the Monks were attacked by the Vikings. This document was written in the 9th century. The Monks wrote it themselves, it was a primary source. Also, since the Monks were the ones being attacked, they could have been biased. The Monks could be exaggerating these events. The attacks could not have been as violent as they described them. Their purpose of writing this document was to show how difficult the time was for them. The audience to document 1 are people interested in this time period and interested in the Monks. In document 4, the universities in the early eleventh century of Europe are described. Universities were very limited in Europe, not everyone could attend them. So, the
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