The Dark Avengers

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes; tall, dark, handsome, ugly, astute, or mentally handicapped, and Shane is no exception. He rode into their lives with temperance and vigor, and left a legacy behind. How does one deal with a shady business man who is hell bent on wanted and willful destruction of freedom? Brute force has always been the heroes approach. Shane rode into a small town in Wyoming and met a family, who with all their respect needed a hero. Both of the stories that I will tell, including Shane’s and the story of Tombstone had their similarities, and also had their differences. What is it about the dark clothed eerie figures that instill so much fear in the hearts of vigilantes? Perhaps it is their silence that speaks such…show more content…
Another obstacle lay ahead as Fletcher would not have this stranger ruin his plans of domination. Up on the balcony behind Shane he took a shot. Missing his target, Shane returned fire in a glorious finish to what was a choice long awaited in his mind. “I expect that finishes it,” Schaefer (141) he uttered, and it did. I will now describe Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp; a lawman, hunter, gambler, saloon keeper, miner, and boxing referee. Wyatt’s appearance was always professional. He would wear pressed black suits and pants, with a vest, and underneath the suit, a white dress shirt was visible. On his head, a top hat was occasionally seen. When he was younger, around twenty years of age, facial hair was a constant for Earp. It started as a small moustache, and grew into a wavy horizontal pattern that remained fixed upon his face. His eyes were dark and he seemed to wear a scowl, any man that strolled by him could not help but notice his intense aura. Many people thought of him as the county sheriff; however he preferred the city marshal title. His attitude toward crime involved taking no chances, and he became known for cracking the long barrel of his Colt over the heads of offenders, a good solution to avoid a fatality, and for delivering the perpetrator into prison. Wyatt loved to disturb the peace when a member of the town became disorderly. The movie “Tombstone” portrays his character well as a courtesy starved lawman who wants nothing but respect, and honesty from the

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