The Dark Forest Of Black Rock Essay

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Ayland rode his horse around the deep forest circling the Hedgeknorey’s castle, in black rock. He carefully led his horse down a path within the evergreen forest of black rock, covered with pine trees, but also with oak and elder trees.
He has been around this path many times before and maybe even too much as the curious souls began to wonder why a boy of such a noble status would wander in the deep forest of black rock. Not a lot of people spent time in forests, at least not too far away from the main rocky road, made for horses, merchandises, and peasants on foot. People would not wander too far in the forest, because of the obvious fear of wild animals, especially during winter. But they were also avoiding another threat. And that threat was a human threat also known as Willem the Druid, who was a feared and at the same time a much-venerated man because of his knowledge of medicine and herbs. He was also rumored to know magic, and this was perhaps what made him such a dreadful person.
But Ayland had this thing about him; which was that he feared no one since he was also certain that he was to become King, one day. This assertion was not born out of a pretentious, motherly molded dream, but by the fact that he was an ambitious and great risk taker. Qualities he would share with his mother.
Ayland, got down from his horse, tied it up and walked pass a small house, which should have been the Druid’s house. There was a strong smell of brewing rosemary herbs and the small
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