The Dark Knight By Christopher Nolan

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The movie the Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, exhibits a wide variety of different psychological principles and theories. The Dark Knight is about the popular superhero, originating from the year of our Lord nineteen thirty nine, Batman and his struggle to preserve the order in the city of Gotham, where he was born and raised. He is challenged by the strongest adversary he has ever met, a disturbed name that goes by the name the Joker, when he claims that everyday Batman doesn’t give up his identity he will kill people. With the combined efforts of Harvey Dent, the plucky new District Attorney in Gotham, the police and their chief, Commissioner Gordon, and the of the vigilante Batman the Joker is brought down when the people of Gotham prove to him that they are prepared to believe in the natural goodness of people. However, before he is defeated he leaves a dark mark on the city of Gotham. While many of the psychological factors in the The Dark Knight are under the branch of Abnormal Psychology regarding the Joker and his schizophrenic henchmen, In my analysis of The Dark Knight I will be focusing on the principles of deindividuation, the fundamental attribution error, and group polarization. Deindividuation is the idea that when someone is in a group and there is little risk of them being criticised or recognized that they will do things that they normally would not do. They lose their awareness because they feel like…
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