The Dark Knight, By Christopher Nolan

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The human nature is a very strange aspect of the human race but it is also an important aspect in everyday life; it makes people who they truly are. Human nature in a way is like water in a container, it takes the form depending on how the container is shaped. It depends on how one attributes and characteristics are set, which is what molds a person to be who they truly are. The Dark Knight, which is directed by Christopher Nolan, is the second installment on Nolan’s batman trilogy. It is a story based on the DC character Batman, who struggles against the odds of the psychotic villain, the joker. In The Dark Knight, the main characters consist of: Batman, The Joker, Alfred, Lt. James Gordon, Harvey dent/Two Face, and Rachel Dawes; all of them are characters who played a major role in the film. In Gotham, Batman increases the risks on his war on crime by setting out to dismantle the remaining mafia groups that plague the streets. Leading to batman being introduced to the joker and trying to stop him from unleashing chaos on Gotham city that could plunge it into anarchy. With the use of character development and motivation, Christopher Nolan portrays the human nature of people, and that even the most good of people can be corrupted. Christopher Nolan was greatly influenced by the Joker Comics debuting in 1940, the 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke, and the 1996 series The Long Halloween. All which contributed in the development of the dark knight and are reasons why the
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