The Dark Knight Is Not A Superhero Movie

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The Dark Knight is considered one of the best superhero movies of the decade. But is it actually a super hero movie? After 9-11 Hollywood has adopted terrorism like scenes into many of its movies. Almost every scene, In the Dark Knight, involves terrorism. However many label the movie a superhero movie. The Dark Knight is not a superhero movie, in-fact it’s a very realistic portrayal of terrorism in our society. Batman is the main protagonist in the Dark Knight and is widely considered a superhero. However Nolan does not portray the batman known from the DC universe. Nolan portrays a hyper realistic Batman that is limited to mostly technology that we have in our real world. Batman makes his first appearance in a parking garage. The Russian mob is negotiating a drug deal with the scarecrow. The sale is interrupted when some batman imposters begin firing at the Russian mob. The real Batman arrives on the scene and bends the rifle of the Batman imposters and knocks him out. This is actually quite a surprise that he knocked out an innocent person. Normally a superhero does everything he can to prevent any injury to a civilian. This was the first indication that the batman is not really a “superhero”. A superhero does not hurt civilians. Batman catches the imposters and the scarecrow and ties them up together. The tied up imposters ask batman “what gives you the right, what’s the difference between me and you”. Batman replies, “I’m not wearing hockey pants”. Batman justifies
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