The Dark Knight Movie : Movie Summary Of The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight Movie Summary The Dark Knight movie portrays its self as a fantasy however, the movie relates back to everyday society very well in indirect fashions. In the movie, The Dark Knight, there was a statement made by Harvey Dent that states “You either die a hero, or die long enough to see your self become the villain.” With this being said, this statement can relate to the presidency in some sort of fashion. For example, in my opinion, the president can leave office on good term, just like the hero, or he can over stay his welcome so to speak and become the villain. However, the quote does not directly tie into a straight example of the presidency, there is an indirect relation to the quote. The next question about this essay…show more content…
Weather it is how he is only needed when called upon or an emergency. Batman could be considered a terrorist in today’s society. However, there is a far cry from helping keep a group of citizens safe and putting their lives at risk on purpose. However, I do not believe that batman in this movie is considered by society definition today, a terrorist. Next, there is a quote from the moving stating, “Gotham needs a hero with a face” Although, batman does have a face it is just hid behind a mask. This quote relates to a specific individual in which the people see face to face they can consider as their hero. In this movie, I believe that Harvey Dent is considered the “hero with a face” after the situation in the movie where he took down the whole mob in Gotham. Money in the government does not always dictate power in this movie. However, Bruce Wayne is very wealthy but that does not affect his power with the city of Gotham. With this being said, if you have a lot of money you are entitled to power within a government because of how far one’s money can reach. Next, the question about batman is who or what group does batman represent today. I believe batman would represent the navy seals. For example, they are called up for missions around the world that police forces cannot handle. They are there in a moment’s notice when the government is failing, and the
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