The Dark Knight

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2012 was a great year for nerds like myself. The Avengers, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and The Dark Knight Rises all came out during this year. Each movie piqued the anticipation of fans everywhere. For me, the last of these three seemed the most intriguing. Christopher Nolan, fresh off the brilliant Inception was concluding his epic The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Dark Knight became one of the best sequels ever, so I expected The Dark Knight Rises to live up to Batman Begins, at least. Unfortunately, lightning did not strike twice because The Dark Knight Rises, while still a good movie, is the worst in the trilogy. This film takes place eight years after the awe-inspiring events of The Dark Knight. The lies told at the end of the previous film have served their purpose. Gotham has become a cleaner, more crime-free city than ever before. But not all is well. Bruce Wayne (Christiaan Bale reprising his role) has become a recluse. Jim Gordon (played again by Gary Oldman) feels overwhelmed by guilt. To top it all off, Gotham faces a new terrorist threat from an unknown entity known as Bane (Tom Hardy). To combat Bane, Batman must return from his self-imposed exile to save Gotham once more. All the returning actors give worthy performances in their respective roles, which they have made their own. Christian Bale simply inhabits Batman at this point, and he adds more depth to Bruce Wayne in this third movie. Morgan Freeman provides a characteristically on point performance as

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