The Dark Knight Rises By Frank Miller And Superman

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INTRODUCTION This paper involves discovering how the morality of Batman and Superman has, or has not, changed throughout the happenings in The Dark Knight Returns compared to their previous depictions. The goal of this paper is to show that the morality of Batman and Superman have altered due to the extension of their personalities. The paper is claiming that Batman and Superman act as extensions of their formerly depicted selves by overindulging in their personal beliefs and ideologies as each of them struggle to with their morality by trying to do the “right” thing in a world gone wrong. This claim was created by examining and analyzing the primary text of The Dark Knight Rises by Frank Miller and by using various credible online sources and interpretations of the graphic novel. Upon examination of the sources used, morality plays a key role in the character development of two main characters of Batman and Superman. Through showing that the extension of personality has an impact on the perception of a character, this paper and research highlight the differences and similarities of Batman and Superman in terms of morality and character development.

The Dark Knight Returns is a graphic novel by Frank Miller that focuses on the fictional superhero Batman, who is also known as Bruce Wayne. The story takes place ten years after an aging Batman has retired and his once overly protected Gotham City, has sunk deeper into lawlessness, criminal activity, and

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