The Dark Knight Unraveled

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When someone says “superhero,” it is automatically assumed that one is talking about someone who saves others using extraordinary powers or someone who is there to protect and make others feel safe. For decades, superheroes have been around fighting crime and saving civilians from the villains that reign. These superheroes create a light and give the viewer some kind of hope. Although a superhero is seen as someone who is god-like, there is one hero who defies this stereotype. His name: Batman. Batman has been around for nearly seventy-five years and has evolved into a a very controversial character. Some people may see Batman as a dark figure who is not a hero, but a nuisance, while others may see him as something greater than a superhero. In Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight, released in 2008, Batman is a character who is seen in a different way than previous iterations. Instead of just a crime-fighting hero, Batman is presented as something greater as well as something some may overlook. In Nolan’s 2008 film, Batman portrays a character that not only relates to society on a person level, but also parallels the Bush administration post 9/11. Imagine watching the ones you love, murdered right before your eyes. At a young age, Batman had to watch his parents get shot and killed by a ruthless mugger. Batman had this tragic childhood which is something many young people today can relate to. Professor of Psychology at Henderson State University, Dr. Travis Langly,

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