The Dark Life of Mozart in the Movie Amadeus

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Amadeus The film is immediately introduced with an unseen abrupt and abrasive pane of music playing, then it stops. The frames that start off the movie are rather dark and atmospheric without making it seem threatening. Another harsh hit of music plays almost as if in warning. The mood is lightened up by Antonio Saleiri’s servants eating desert acting quite comical, but when the door opens, the lighting goes very dark again accompanied with the violent voice of a violin coming in, like a heart is bleeding. Music is basically the first character introduced in the film, as it itself, introduces the film. Throughout the story music is portrayed, whether it is supporting the scene or characters in the back round, or physically being played. In the long run, music is the cause for everything that happens. In a sense, you can say music was the downfall of Saleiri, and even Mozart himself. While watching the film, you get your first taste of Saleiri’s jealousy or frustration towards Mozart when he’s in an insane asylum playing a little tune for a priest, which he does not recognize. This can essentially be classified with the cinematic technique called, the rule of three. The first two instances of music build a sort of tension towards Saleiri’s curiosity of being well known, then the third one he plays releases that tension incorporating some twist, because the priest does recognize it, but it’s not Saleiri’s work. He says, “Oh how charming, I didn’t know you wrote that!”

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