The, Dark, Or As Scary

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Even though a lot of thing events that happened to Bechdel was sad, dark, or as scary as was she managed to use a very witty tone throughout the story, reflecting on her personality. She believes dark events are not central to one’s life. She uses this tone as oppose to an angry tone because she never realized her family was in any way different until she was compared it to others. This strongly classifies Bechdel in the optimistic category of personalities. The tone of this novel can strike many people as hard to determine or understand. One of the best things about this novel is the consistency that Bechdel creates from her earliest childhood memories all the way until the ending of the book. Tone is known to illustrate the underlying feelings of the author. What is also very striking is Bechdel’s lack of emotion when any surprising event happens to her. What most tend to remember is when Mr. Bechdel’s death is announced to Bechdel and how she responds to the news. Normally speaking, or what most would refer to as normal is to have some kind of emotional breakthrough when finding out their loved one has passed in a tragic accident. “Is he dead? (Bechdel 81). In these three words Bechdel demonstrates her inability to fit into the mere “normal” category of reactions and blows the audience away. Bechdel explains how she cried for about two minutes to her girlfriend at the time and that was the most of mourning she did at all. Using the witty part of her, she pulls herself…

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