The Dark Path Ahead

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Sneaking out of a window sounds easy enough. However, when it is the window of one of the most renowned thieves guild owners in this area of the world, it becomes much more difficult. Add to it that this infamous person is my mother, and it becomes a terrifying and dangerous adventure all on its own. That is correct, I, Tinuviel Goldstar, am the daughter and only child of the great Antinua Goldstar. She is always caught up in some plot, heist or party. Fabulously dressed all the time and running everything in and around our fair city of Shadeport, she is always off in her own little world. I have had enough of all the plots, plans, and rules for my life. I am not my mother and do not enjoy all the parties and craziness that is associated with them. With this in mind, I have decided to run away. I will discover my path and have all the adventures I've been dreaming about for the last fifty years of my life. There are good things about growing up with a mother like mine. I have had training to rival most of the thieves in the guild. I have practised climbing in and out of buildings since I was big enough to have any interest in it. Unfortunately, my mother was the one to design our house, so it is a daunting challenge even for me. Luckily, with all that training, I have been gifted with some of the best climbing equipment available, legally or not, known to man or elf. Twenty tiring minutes later, I am safely on the ground, out of breath but exhilarated. Avoiding all the
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