The Dark Power Of Social Media

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The Dark Power of Social Media Do you really wanna spend your entire life not going to college or having a well paying job? Over these past generations, technology has made a tremendous influx in today’s society, lowering the youth’s ability to focus under any circumstances. Social media’s influence on people can be very addictive and harder to control yourself the more you use it. This leads to the lack of sleep and takes priority over school and jobs. It can potentially hurt or help your life. But ultimately, social media can substantially hurt your college and career goals. This is because of what you post on any social media is seen and can affect your life in an extraneous way. Also social media distracts people from their jobs or studies. Many business places and colleges look at what you post on your social media which can help decide whether you get into the college you want to get in too. Many companies have modernized and look at people’s social profile before they start hiring. Years of education can be wasted for poor choices that people have made on social media. For example, when you post something recklessly on your Instagram page or on your story, colleges and job recruiters look at what you post and determine whether you are qualified enough. If they do not like what they see, they can easily decline you. College’s do not want to be seen as the “party” school, they want to be seen for how well they provide an education and jobs definitely do not want to
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