The Dark Side Of Dark Net Markets

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In a world of ever dwindling freedoms one of the last bastions of completely unregulated and free trade is the deep web, and even though a plethora of dangerous illegal activity goes on within it, it should be left alone. Even if the deep web and all the markets hidden within it are somehow shut down, people will find a new haven to carry on their activity. There will always be a bastion for illegal activity somewhere, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that fact. Dark net markets aren’t the only thing hiding in the deep web either, there are entire communities that house themselves within it. Something I find myself pondering quite a bit about these days is that a lot of the technology that has become so embedded in our lives seems so science fiction-like, but are we ready for it? Something that we have in our culture that not many people know about is the “dark net” or “deep web.” Like a cyberpunk novel, it’s an entire underground culture based in the vast world of the internet, our modern day virtual information highway. It is used for all colors of illegal activity; drug trafficking, human trafficking, counterfeit products, a disturbing amount of illegal pornography (most of it is just that, same with the surface web as well), weapons, hitmen, questionable literature, all the things the government veils with its law. The dark net is much more than that, and despite the myriad of illegal endeavors that it is infamous for, the dark net is a vast expanse of

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