The Dark Side Of Life

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The cinder block walls were gray with years of dust and grime. The sun shined on me through a small barred window that was about the size of my head. When designing the rooms, the designers did not make it any bigger in fear of prisoners escaping. The room was about the size of my closet; a tight space with just enough room for me to straighten my arms. I was still wearing my white t-shirt and jeans. Actually, the shirt was no longer white because I’ve been trapped in this cell for over a week awaiting my fate. It all started when I was born. Rather than being a normal and healthy baby, I was born with epilepsy. Through my infancy, the disease was pretty dormant only haunting me every once in a while. My family was able to hide this…show more content…
I learned about places that have only heard of vampire but never seen them. I read about places where all humans were equal; a utopian society that I longed for. During the year 2313, a couple hundred vampires were exposed to the world when the there was a major sinkhole in Missouri. There were thousands of coffins buried underneath the limestone, carbonate rocks, and salt beds. Of course, the residents around that are were curious and opened one of the coffins. Some hoped to find artifacts and strike rich because it was believed that in ancient times, when people were buried, jewels and valuables were also buried with them. Little did they know that opening the coffin released the vampire from being trapped in their coffin. No person lived to warn the other residents about what curse opening the coffins released upon the world because as soon as the coffin was opened and the vampire was able to see the sky, the monster fed and ate the human, whole. In no time at all, all the thousands of vampires were released into the world. They looked like normal human beings but with white hair. After being awakened and committing their first sin since seeing the world again, the vampires were very well mannered and were, believe it or not, very likable. At first, people were afraid of these weird human beings, but as time progressed and as the vampires showed their supernatural abilities, people fell into awe. They began seeing the vampires as
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