The Dark Side Of The Eyes By Bram Stoker

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Eyes are the real windows into the soul. Although some individuals may attempt to mask their true feelings, all is revealed by glancing into their eyes. From the lurid red eyes described in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, to the golden brown orbs of Edward, Stephanie Meyer’s character in Twilight, the eyes become a peephole to one’s inner most thoughts and feelings. Not only a peephole into their thoughts; but also a chink in the armor used to protect the individual from harm. This crack exposes feelings that Stoker and Meyer’s characters would like to keep to themselves. A vampire’s hunger “for thirst” can strongly be expressed through their eyes. In the beginning of Twilight, Bella “vividly remembered the flat black color of [Edward’s] eyes”, but when she reflects on Edward’s behavior, she describes his eyes as “a completely different color: a strange ocher, darker than butterscotch but the same golden tone” (Meyer 46). Later, she explains her theory on his dark eyes. She states, “I’ve noticed people-men in particular- are crabbier when they’re hungry” (Meyer 188). Bella is describing a situation when she observed Edward’s black eyes, he seemed quite angry, and she thought this anger was an explanation for his eye color, but after she becomes aware that he is a vampire, she links his eye color to his thirst. It is also observed that when his eyes are golden, he is gentle and not thirsty, because he has recently eaten. Edward’s diet is revealed when Jacob tells Bella that…

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