The Dark Side Of The Glass

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The glass slipped out her hand, shattering into a thousand tiny crystals. She let out a piercing scream. Backing away from him, her hands immediately grasped her throat as it started to burn; letting memory guide her towards the kitchen sink, arms outstretched to feel for the counters edge, the cold marble tiles desensitised her bare feet. Her eyes watered and blurred ( her surroundings becoming indistinguishable ). The pain seared into her skull. Half formed thoughts wrestled with each other to get her attention – pushed back by the all consuming fire in her eyes and the panic that flooded her body when everything became so hazy.
All of a sudden, her foot caught on the edge of the table; with a hollow plastic clatter, an object fell on
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She let memory guide her once again to her car. She remembered she left the keys inside. But where? It was as negligible as a decrepit phonebook In the kitchen. Something she saw so often yet she forgot about it, something she couldn’t have described or told anyone where to find it. She staggered back inside and slip past the kitchen. He was still in there. After rummaging through various coat pockets; she felt sharpness of the metal and sighed with relief recognising it by the colour of the bright neon keyring – which he got her.

Abruptly, the sound of heavy footsteps descended from the kitchen. She cupped her mouth – not even letting a puff of breath surrender her. She struggled to make out her bearings. She tugged at her jacket and fell to the ground. The door creaked open. Her breathing hitched. ‘’I know you’re in here,’’ the sinister tone coated his deep voice. ‘’come out come out where ever you are,’’. Adrenaline kicked in and she stood up. He wore a wicked smile, though she could not see it. “Go ahead kill me!” she laughed with repulsion. However before he could reach her, she darted for the spiral gold rimmed staircase. He grabbed her leg. With a loud thud she fell to the ground. Her head collided with the marble floor. Hair draped across her face in a dark sodden mess. She let the darkness engulf her.

She woke up in a pool of sweat. Her vision blurred; limited to the glassy cloud of sleep and the purple linen bed cover which she seemed to be lying
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