The Dark Side Of The Sun

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The sun had come up far earlier than Lorne had expected. Briny sea air flowed through the open window of his room. He arose from the bed and let out a long, loud yawn. Tousling his brown hair in a mirror, he saw Auron asleep in the same chair he 'd last seen him. His father 's arms were folded across him; his chin buried in his chest. A soft, snore rumbled up from the sleeping man. Lorne looked at the parchment and quill still resting on the desk and frowned. Balls of paper were scattered around it. The one document laid in front of his father had so many crossed out lines that the paper had begun to tear. He felt sorry for the man. He 'd been so secretive about his life before Lorne that in the young man 's mind he 'd dreamed death-defying myths of grandeur that would have made any bard turn such works to hymns. Yet the reality of it was more plainly written on the wrinkles and scars on the man 's face. He 'd endured something and it was something that he refused to speak of. It was an unspoken rule to never ask it. Lorne crept past Auron and opened the door. It was quiet outside the room. He stuck his head into the hallway and found it vacant. The morning was so still he felt like he 'd never left Horizon. By contrast, his morning in Lustria was far from as serene. The city was awake before he was. Criers in the streets proclaiming the latest decree of the Potentate and his council. Traders and shopkeepers called out advertising their wares. Even
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