The Dark Side Of Zombies

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Darkness devoured everything in sight. A sea of lifeless moans crashed into the walls that kept me prisoner. I could feel the hot breath of those creatures seeping through the walls. Paranoia invaded my brain like the disease that infested those monsters. They were constantly trying to get in. They knew I was here, I was a meal trapped in a cage and every intake of breath was a ring of the dinner bell. Suddenly the snaps of rotting wood punched my ear drum. The snarling monsters came tumbling through the gaps, their twisting bodies shuffling towards me. As their outstretched limbs searched for my flesh I was ripped away by the ring of a phone. The television had sucked me in once again. Casting me in the middle of the fictitious apocalypse. The concept of zombies has always been a welcomed thought to me but why? Why am I and other humans fascinated with the thought of this life threatening concept? These creatures are known by many names. The undead, zombies, even the popular tv show “The Walking Dead” refers to them as walkers. Within history we find that the term ‘zombie’ comes from Haitian folklore where corpse reanimation was achieved mostly through magic. In recent times radiation, mental disease, scientific accidents, etc. attribute to this reanimation.
The idea of zombies can be traced all the way back to 8th century. Voodoo priests used black magic to possess their victims or so they say. They actually applied a deadly poison from a porcupine fish known as

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