The Dark Side of Advertising

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The Dark Side of Advertising Woolworths, the Fresh Food People! Oh, what a feeling, Toyota! I’m lovin’ it! 
These are the indestructible jingles that the world of advertising has managed to drum into our heads, over the course of time. Effective? Yes. Escapable? No. Teenagers in contemporary society are exposed to up to 3000 ads per day, meaning that we are constantly bombarded with advertisements from the minute we step outside our bedroom door. As promotional agencies increase their exposure, they have changed the typical nature of advertising and have become more affluent with the strategies and techniques they employ. Advertising has shifted into an industry of its own and is clearly shaping, modifying and defining the moral…show more content…
A quote by Fred Allen exclaims,“Advertising is 85% confusion, 15% commission.” Advertisements are intended to persuade customers into purchasing products, regardless of consumer complacency. They don’t care about how we feel - as long as we continue to swipe the credit card they will have no concern for consumers. Teens account for US $1 billion in e-commerce spending, meaning that young adults are at a high risk of careless online advertising manipulation by companies. Photoshopping techniques and surgically enhanced bodies are at the heart of modern advertising. The deceiving nature of connotation is casting a gloomy eclipse over advertising, along with the deceit usually automatically attached to the promotion. We are becoming a hyper-stimulated society, obsessed with making purchases because we risk being unworthy or unpopular if we don’t possess a particular product. Consumers are manipulated into a living popularity contest due to the derogatory effects of advertising. James Collins once stated, “A magazine is simply a device to induce people to read advertising”. With their high number of advertisements, magazines are the number one culprits of photo editing, with almost all of their feature photos or promotions undergoing touch-ups. Did you know that most Victoria’s Secret models in promotions are a size 2, with a 34”-36” bust, 23” waist and 34”-35” hips? Not to mention the hours of retouching, cropping and editing that
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