The Dark Times Of The Holocaust

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All around the world every single day history is being made. And after a few moments, that’s just what it is-history. We can either learn from our mistakes over time, or we can recreate them. Most people think it’s best to learn from the dark times of the Holocaust then to relive them. Courage and bravery are great characteristics to have, but when you hold too much of them in you it will take you over. It will control you and take your whole body over slowly. Lots of historians believe this is what happened to Adolf Hitler. Many know Adolf Hitler as Hitler. Some consider him an honerableman with great intentions for the world, but most consider him a selfish, controlling man with too much power. He was leader of the large Nazi Party and blamed the Germany’s economic problems on the minorities: mainly the Jews. If economic problems were blamed on anyone else, history would have completely changed. One man 's decision to punish a whole race led to war, cruelty, despair, and death. Religion is one of the largest categories in our society, and Jewish people are people who believe certain things based on their religious traditions. Adolf began to build an “Aryan master race,” whose people had to be Caucasian, have blue eyes, and have blonde hair. Hitler wanted the master race to rule the world and one day take over the Jews and minority groups by attacking them. Effects come from causes and the Holocaust led to many things but what’s important to start with is why all these
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