The Dark Tower by Stephen King

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The Dark Tower – Stephen King The Dark Tower is a series of stories that follow the main character, Roland "The Last Gunslinger", as he travels across a harsh desert on a mission to find the "man in black". His mission is to make it safely to the Tower in order to save himself and the very existence of the universe. The entire series revolves around the tower and how essential it is. The tower is a central point where different planes of existence merge and if Roland doesn't make it there before it gets destroyed then everything else will be destroyed along with it. In the first book of the series, Roland wanders into a small town while looking for a place to rest and possibly sleep for a while. Although he doesn't do anything alarming …show more content…
Seemingly impossible or random events are thought to be a collision of these different bubbles for short periods of time. For example, an apparition or ghost could be a projection of somebody in another universe or dimension simply going about their day, not even knowing someone in our world is getting a quick glimpse at them. UFOs could simply be vehicles from another plane of existence accidentally falling into our own during one of these collisions. These theories could even explain a lot of crazy and impossible stories from almost every religion. Even the Hindu belief of reincarnation could be explained in this way. This is shown in the story when Jake dies New York and gets sent to Roland's world, where he dies again and is sent back to his world, with slight memories of Roland's world still stored deep in his mind. The character Susannah is an African American woman with two split personalities who is confined to a wheel-chair after being shoved in front of a subway car and getting her legs chopped off. Her split personalities are the result of a falling brick to the head, which was thrown by Jack Mort. Her split-personalities, Detta Holmes and Odetta Walker, both periodically take over control of her mind. Odetta is a gentle and loving woman, and Detta is an hateful racist lunatic. Both personalities eventually merge back into
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