The Dark Triad Of Personality Analysis

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The Dark Triad of Personality Typical people regard them as “desperate measure”, but others practice them with confidence, as if innate traits, which have been imprinted upon birth. Traversing the labyrinth maze of personality exists a pit called the “The Dark Triad of Personality”.
The Dark Triad of Personality is composed of human’s tendency towards a stable, dimensional personality trait portraying self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, dominance and interpersonal manipulation, as well as being characterized by impaired cognition as evidenced by distorted perceptions of self and others—widely known as narcissism (Campbell & Miller, 2011; Lootems, 2011); another is psychopathy distinguished by a lack of concern for both other people and social regulatory mechanisms, impulsivity, and a lack of guilt or remorse when their action harm others (Rauthman & Kolar, 2013).; while Machiavellianism is marked by three sets of interrelated values—an avowed belief in the effectiveness of manipulative tactics in dealing with other people, a cynical view of human nature, and a moral outlook that puts expediency above principle (Furtner & Baldeger, 2016)
Various analyses from different ages depict the reason for the Dark Triad’s birth—our fondness to escape or “social landscape to which humans have had to adapt” (Buss & Chiodo, 1991)
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Grandiose narcissists come across as self-confident, extraverted, egotistic, and have this innate competence and proficiency. Vulnerable narcissists tend to come across as shy, neurotic, and somewhat introverted in first encounters (Miller, Hoffman, Gaughan, Gentile, Maples, & Campbell, 2011), but can also come across as rude, arrogant, and conceited after longer encounters (Wink, 1991). Despite differences, vulnerable and grandiose narcissism are presumed to share
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