The Dark Ways And Savage Battle Tactics

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With glowing eyes, mysterious ways and savage battle tactics, Elvellyn are often mistaken for demons and are widely feared by those who know of them.

Pack Mentality

Elves are commonly seen as a gentle, slow moving and tree hugging race among many humans. However, this could not be further from the truth. When in their element the Elvellyn are not only graceful and mysterious but quite brutal and unforgiving. Among their own race many see each other as family, or pack. But outsiders and offenders are dealt with quickly and savagely. Respect and even devotion to each other runs in their blood, and it is an almost inescapable instinct to be near and support other Elvellyn.

It is not uncommon for them to live communally, with groups of young adult friends living together in one large home with a single kitchen and bath, or large families doing the same. More often than not the bonds of friendship formed as fledglings will develop into either romances or ‘Bond’s, making them family, so when asked what one’s relation is to a close friend it is usually described as “bond-brother/sister” or “heart-bond”.


Fairly religious, those who are open about their dislike or disbelief in the gods are usually shunned and ostracized by the community.

While slow paced and seemingly lazy in their everyday, normal routines, Elvellyn will work diligently and untiringly when motivated and prefer to move quickly when it is not deemed impolite.

They are very polite and
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